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A & I Belts

Featuring over 14,000 belt numbers and over 160,000 total Agricultural, Turf, and Industrial part numbers available from strategic warehouses located within the major industrial and agricultural regions throughout the US and Canada, A & I Products provides quick, affordable, quality solutions to Keep You Up and Running.

One of the world’s largest inventories of Lawn & Garden Belts is offered by A & I Products. Our line of Aramid corded lawn and garden belts have become increasingly popular over the years due to their extreme strength, durability, and value-added pricing. Aramid corded belts (also called Aramid or extra-heavy duty belts) are constructed of organic polyaramide fibers that are manufactured using complex chemical processes


DENSO has been setting the standard for spark plug technology since 1959. They develop all their ranges in-house and manufacture them in QS 9000 and ISO 9000 certified factories worldwide – with zero defects as standard. They also provide this outstanding OE quality to the aftermarket. Including Standard, Platinum, and Iridium, DENSO Spark Plugs cover a complete range for every automotive, motorcycle, marine, and small engine application.

DR Products

We have been manufacturing and selling professional grade outdoor power equipment since 1985. From our earliest days, headquartered in a Vermont log cabin, we have been dedicated to creating equipment of enduring quality and uncompromising performance. We believe that every minute spent working outdoors can be more productive, more enjoyable, and more satisfying when you have the right tools.

Eagle Manufacturing

For over 125 years, Eagle Manufacturing Company has provided innovative quality industrial safety products to customers. Since its inception, all of Eagle’s products are USA Made and by the best craftsmen in the industry. Eagle customers are assured they have the highest quality of products, with the most innovative features, at the best value on the market—and all supported by exceptional customer service.
Eagle manufactures one of the largest lines of industrial safety products, including safety cabinets, safety cans, spill containment, poly drums, guards/protectors and traffic safety products. Our newest line of products comprises models of poly drums, flexible containment berms, metal spill pallets, lightweight security bollards, machine guards, poly rack guards, poly spill kits, industrial waste carts and modular poly cabinets.

Earthquake MFG

We are an American company based in the heart of the Midwest, where the seasons shape the products we build. We live an outdoor rural lifestyle, and we use our products. We design our products to be the best, and we also feature world-class customer service. We have been making innovative outdoor products since 1960.

Ecolawn Applicator’s Top Dressers

Ecolawn Applicator is a Canadian manufacturer of top dressers that have been operating since 1994. With its effective design by landscape professionals, Ecolawn Applicator’s top dressers are compact in size, are lightweight, simple to operate and easy to maintain. Since Ecolawn Applicator’s top dressers are versatile in what can be spread, whether it’s sand or compost or a custom blend, they have become the number 1 choice among landscapers and golf course superintendents.

Firman Power Equipment

New to North America, Firman provides security during loss of power along with a wide range of features, supporting activities at work, outdoors and home. Our generators are built with strict quality control measures and the best components so that when you need your generator most, you’re getting the security and performance you deserve. Firman generators are sold in over 100 countries worldwide, tough enough to survive the most extreme elements.


Whether it’s a backup generator powering the family home through an outage, portable generators powering tools at the job site, or the cleaning power of a pressure washer, Generac meets the power needs of consumers and business alike, Across the country and around the world.

Generac generators can power virtually any task at home or on the road, and keep the lights on during a power outage and their pressure washers power through dirt and grime.


Sold in 110+ countries around the world, Jacto is the world’s premier designer and producer of portable sprayers. Our range includes 9 manual backpack models for commercial landscapers and other quality-minded customers. Our PJB range of battery-operated sprayers offers the best in features, performance and battery life.

Jacto has been designing and building sprayers and allied equipment since 1948. Headquartered in Brazil, the company specializes in serving market products that are as durable as they are efficient and light weight. Jacto’s expertise extends to advanced technology to meet the wide ranging needs of any customer seeking tools that will enable them to accomplish their toughest jobs. No sprayer delivers more.

Engineering a New Generation of Power

Liquid Combustion Technology (LCT) is a US-owned, managed, and operated company that manufactures air-cooled four-cycle gasoline engines for related outdoor power equipment markets. They have a proven track record of quality and engineering excellence with Millions of engines sold to world-class OEMs and retails in North America alone. Their extensive service network is supported through Cantrell Turf Equipment by the Lauson Power Company who is well known for providing the highest standards of customer satisfaction. LCT is engineering a new generation of power and reliability for all of your power equipment needs.

NGK Spark Plugs

As the largest supplier and manufacturer of spark plugs and oxygen sensors for import and domestic vehicles, we are the industry experts you can count on. With rigorous testing standards and countless first to market technologies, NGK, NTK as leaders in innovation.

No-Spill Gas Cans, Because Easy Is a Big Deal

No Spill fuel cans feature a unique thumb-controlled fuel spout for easy, controlled pouring. The design allows for more precise product fueling, reducing spills and overflows. High Flow Rate (up to 3 Gal. /min), CARB Compliant and Child Resistant.

Package Safe

I Have been retired for 20 years, and have been keeping myself busy inventing, building, and selling mechanical items on ebay. I normally receive packages worth $1200 twice a month and was always worried about getting one of them stolen. I kept thinking about ways to prevent this, and searched the market place for a purchasable item, but could not find one that did not need a key, or a conbination, or key code, or a built in scanner that required power and an internet connection for the delivery guys to use it.

I Tinkered for about the last year plus to find a solution that did not require keys, combinations, padlocks, or codes or scans, and I finally came up with the “Package Safe” design as it stands now. I applied for a patent which should be issued this year in march.

Driving Choice. Delivering Dependability.

Peerless transmissions are renown for their durability, power and value. We build transaxles, differentials, gearboxes, and hydraulic pumps and motors for some of the top brands in the outdoor power industry: Husqvarna, Toro, Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, Poulan, Dixie Chopper, Walker Manufacturing, Venture Products, Schiller Grounds Care, Exmark, Ariens, Scag, Perma Green, Country Home Products, Snapper, f.G. GGP, Al-ko, Viking, Agria-Werke, AS-Motor, and Westermann.

Red Rooster

RED ROOSTER® is one of the fastest-growing professional tool lines in the United States. We specialize in the manufacture and distribution of long-handled tools, pruners, loppers, and agricultural implements. Our tools are used by agricultural and construction professionals, gardeners, landscapers, and arborists. Known for their strong, high carbon and forged metal construction, RED ROOSTER® products are serious tools made for hard-working professionals. High strength, quality, and durability are the hallmarks of RED ROOSTER® tools, with a reputation for tackling the most demanding jobs.

RED ROOSTER® offers a complete line of professional tools focused on constant innovation, great selection, the best value, and superior service. We are proud of our products and create a culture in our company where entrepreneurship and prudent risk-taking are encouraged and rewarded. We honor and respect our customers and conduct our business honestly and fairly. We strive to help our customers succeed through quality products that consistently deliver value and above-average margins.

RED ROOSTER® products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship.


Solo handheld tank sprayers and backpack chemical sprayers are built tough and made to last. That is why they are the first choice of farmers, professional landscapers and do-it-yourselfers everywhere. In fact, SOLO has earned global recognition for superior quality spraying equipment since 1948.

Spyker Spreaders

Spyker is the unparalleled market leader in providing the commercial lawn, turf and golf industries with premium spreaders for fertilizer, seed, topdressing, salt and ice melt. Our rich history reflects the knowledge, experience, and tradition of excellence that we derive from building the best spreaders in the world. Spyker spreaders deliver precise flow rates, balanced spread patterns, and unmatched durability to withstand event the toughest commercial applications. We are proud to say that for more than 150 years, Spyker has been creating world-class spreaders that are designed to outperform and built to last.

Tecumseh Power

Tecumseh Products Company was founded by tool and die maker Raymond Herrick, in 1934. Raymond Herrick applied mass production concepts he had learned from automobile manufacturer Henry Ford to the production of refrigeration compressors.

In 2007, the company’s former gasoline engine and power train product lines were sold to Platinum Equity LLC. In December 2008, the company closed its engine manufacturing division. Tecumseh closed its doors on February 2009 when Platinum Equity LLC announced that Tecumseh Power Company had sold certain assets of its engine business to Certified Parts Corporation, including all existing and unfinished engine parts inventory, tools to make finished product and certain intellectual property assets.


We are experts in innovative fuel systems and high-performance small engine operation. Founded as The Tillotson Mfg. Co. in 1914 in Toledo, Ohio, we first manufactured float carburetors for the burgeoning automotive industry.

We grew along with the automotive industry, becoming one of the best-known carburetor manufacturers. In the late 1940’s, we revolutionized the handheld engine industry with the first diaphragm carburetors. The innovative diaphragm allowed the carburetor — and thus the engine — to operate in any position and led to the creation an entirely new market segment in the lawn and garden industry. Modern chainsaws, brush cutters, trimmers and leaf blowers still rely on our technology today.


TRUFUEL is the nation’s first ready-to-use fuel engineered specifically with the most advanced synthetic lubricants and performance-enhancing additives for outdoor power equipment. It is available for 4-cycle engines, as well as 2-cycle engines in 50:1 and 40:1 mix ratios. The precise fuel-to-oil blend in TRUFUEL assures the correct ratio every time and eliminates the need for mixing gas station gas and oil.

TRUFUEL is ethanol-free, protecting small engines from the corrosive nature of ethanol while ensuring peak performance of equipment. The product features a re-sealable cap and has a shelf life of 2 years after opening the can and more than 5 years unopened for convenient storage.

TRUFUEL is a product of Calumet Branded Products, LLC, based in Shreveport, LA. It is a division of Calumet Specialty Products Partners, LP, a master limited partnership and a leading independent producer of high-quality, specialty hydrocarbon products in North America.


Walbro is a global market leader in engine management and fuel systems for the Outdoor Power Equipment, Recreational, Marine, and Personal Transportation markets, and a leading supplier of high-pressure aluminum die-casting to various industries. Walbro manufactures carburetors, electronic fuel injection systems, ignition systems, fuel tanks, fuel pumps, valves, and fuel storage, and offers value-added machining, electronics, and assembly capabilities. Walbro is a global organization, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, with over 2300 employees worldwide. The company has ISO certified manufacturing and engineering facilities in the United States, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, and China.


YARDMAX® was established in 2015, and has headquarters in Roselle, Illinois. Yardmax Power Equipment, Inc. is a joint venture partnership with a leading global outdoor power equipment manufacturer. YARDMAX provides high-quality, innovative products at an affordable price – and supports those products by providing superior customer support.

With decades of manufacturing experience, four factories, and over 2,000 employees around the globe. We are skilled in all aspects of manufacturing, quality control, and service. We don’t outsource any of the supply chain, maintaining some of the highest levels of quality and durability in the outdoor power equipment industry.


USA ZAMA, Inc. is located in Franklin, TN, and is the North American headquarters for ZAMA Group and the world headquarters for ZAMA Aftermarket Sales. We have a dedicated staff of engineers, technicians, and customer service personnel available to support original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well as service calls. With more than 30 years of experience supporting North American and European customers, USA ZAMA is the first call made by manufacturers when starting a new development. As part of the ZAMA Group, we offer the highest quality of products and outstanding service, which is why the outdoor power industry has trusted us for more than 30 years.